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Hello! I'm Kalyn. I've been stamping for many years and I have to admit I have trouble passing up a rubber stamp to add to my collection. Making cards is my preference; I've always been the type of person who sends birthday cards and holiday cards. I have always enjoyed sending and receiving hand written cards and letters. I don't think it's an old fashioned or even out of fashion form of communication. I'd rather put a stamp on it than hit the send button.

I also enjoy other paper crafts such as ornaments, jewelry using paper and new ideas for 3-D paper items. Stamping and paper crafting is a great way to be creative and have fun. I learn something new every time I stamp or make a card. It's a great stress reliever at the end of a crazy day! Focusing on layout designs, color coordination, stamp images etc, really takes me away to a more creative and relaxing zone.

I work full-time but at night I'm either stamping or saying "I can't, I have rehearsal!" Sometimes the stage does call me away from my stamps, but I always return. I've been using Stampin' Up! products for ten years and have been an Independent Demonstrator since March 2013.

I enjoy finding the beauty in a simple rubber stamp life and sharing creativity with others.